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Amira Gadd is a singer/songwriter and consultant who needed a platform to connect with her audience. Big Red Jelly helped Amira Gadd create a website that featured:

- Bookable consultation calls
- Galleries to showcase  photos, videos, and music
- A visually stunning user experience.
Big Red Jelly created this animated and interactive website for Bee Neat Cleaning Co, a small cleaning service company. Because of the vast amount of cleaning companies out there, our goal was to make something unique and exciting. By using fun animations, an expert user experience, and engaging contact forms, the site has a one-of-a-kind look that will make lasting impressions on users everywhere.
Bullseye Darts is a New Zealand owned dart company. Big Red Jelly helped them create this eCommerce website to better reach eager customers across the globe. This site includes:

- A user-friendly store
- An engaging blog
- Gift cards available for purchase

These features help customers find and purchase products while establishing a positive relationship with Bullseye Darts.
Jairus Media is a small media company that offers photography, videography, live streaming, and more. The website Big Red Jelly created for them is modern, visually engaging, user-friendly, and vibrant. To help Jairus Media best engage with potential clients, we created a form for users to request a quote. This ensures the website is able to direct users to take action and capture important lead information.
1031 Pros is an organization dedicated to helping individuals with their 1031 exchanges. Their fast-growing corporation needed a redesigned website to improve site organization and consistency. The new site that Big Red Jelly created includes:

- State-specific landing pages
- A real-time finance calculator
- Multiple call to action funnels
1031 PROS
Mapping Our Thoughts is a math and c++ tutoring company. Big Red Jelly created a sleek, vibrant site to promote their tech-savvy abilities and professional services. The site includes:

- Booking functionality
- Impressive animations
- Consistent brand
- Multiple calls to action
Our team created this luxurious eCommerce website for Kierra Beauty & Co to help them sell beauty products online. This site includes:

- User-friendly online store
- Contact forms
- Expert design
Brandon Crawford, a defense attorney located in Washington, needed a digital presence to direct his clients. As an attorney, he needed something professional, informational, and to the point. In order to best accomplish that, we created a landing page with strong visual imagery, easy-to-read content, and a user-friendly contact form.
DTW CrashPad is a business that houses flight attendants who need a place to stay during layovers. The exclusive nature of the site required a system that was secure and protected, but also easy to use and comprehensive. Here are some unique features we include to make that happen:

- Password protected portal
- Registration form for flight attendants
- A variety of bookable rooms
Johnson Cleaning is a local cleaning company that has been in business for several decades. The only thing it was lacking was a proper website. Our team of Wix experts created a vibrant landing page to provide information, collect leads, and display testimonials. Good user experience was a top priority behind every decision made from site structure to design.
Big Red Jelly created this modern illustrative site for Aequitas Bookkeeping. This fresh, clean website includes:

- A Calendly integration
- Unique illustrative elements
- A simple interface

These elements worked together to provide a user-friendly experience to help them connect with their target audience more effectively.
Brick & Mortar Suite 130 is a micro event center dedicated to bringing fun and enjoyment to event planners across the state. Big Red Jelly created a 20s-themed site with several digital tools to advance the site toward success. These tools include: 

- A subscription form to generate leads
- Highlights of upcoming events
- An easy-to-update event calendar
- Multiple contact forms to help answer questions or needs
Guita’s professional hair salon was in need of a digital presence so clients could book appointments directly online. Big Red Jelly created this elegant, user friendly, mobile optimized website to set Guita up for further success. The website includes:

- Bookable services
- An embedded instagram profile
- Contact Forms
Big Red Jelly created a visual and informative website for Mechanics on Call, a local mechanic company. To help make this site stand out from other mechanic websites, our team was dedicated to giving it an elevated design and expert functionality. This site includes:

- Multiple interactive designs
- A stylized testimonial page
- Visual contact forms

They always provided consistent communication. We had never hired a service to perform these services before so we weren't sure what to expect but came out the back end pleased with the experience. 

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